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Al Otaibi Foundation is a Saudi organization specialized in organizing events, parties and major conferences. The company is based on the skill of the team led by a group of qualified Saudi youth of both sexes who strive for excellence and creativity in all its works. Designers from countries such as Canada and the United States of America, in the constant pursuit of Al Otaibi Foundation to search for everything new and unique in the world of events and events. Vision and Mission Our vision: To be partners in excellence Our mission: To be a source of inspiration for optimism, joy and pleasure. At Mon Rive, we plan for beautiful, elegant and luxurious weddings in Saudi Arabia using a new, flexible methodology with full attention to detail. For the parties and access to our partners to the real fun and service that suits their personal needs and we are proud that our main team of engineers and administrators of young Saudi women educated at the highest level to ensure the provision of service that is suitable for everyone. We are also fortunate to work together with prestigious companies in this field to provide services with international specifications and details for the success of any occasion or effectiveness. Our goal is to raise the level of service in the event and wedding industry and we promise that we are working with all effort and perseverance to build a luxury brand that directs our concerns. Our values ​​and sustainability of our values ​​credibility in all our dealings, it is clear through our constant commitment to meet the requirements of our partners with the highest accuracy possible and clarify all the details to them, in addition to that we always seek to converge with our customers by providing advice and consultations that contribute to achieve their aspirations, Social Responsibility Al-Otaibi Foundation works to consolidate the basic concepts of sustainability. In the field of community service, Mon Rive volunteers to organize some charitable celebrations. In the service of the environment we do as much as possible to use recyclable materials We are working on getting the institution to financial stability by adopting a long-term investment policy in our products and equipment which will reflect positively in the future on the prices of our services provided to our customers.










Our Services:
Al Otaibi has a team of work to plan and design to understand the needs of our partners and what suits them whatever their lifestyle and style. We work for long periods of time to achieve the desired pleasure at any occasion as we approach a detailed style. We think with you about the details of the design of the concert, reception, flowers, hospitality, We have the necessary expertise to submit proposals for the honeymoon or the venue of the ceremony or means of transport, whether it was a big party or family event, whether the concert scheduled from the date of predetermined or decided in an emergency where we try to strive to make proposals to reach your destination to what you wish to God Almighty, where you focus to relax and prepare for the occasion and enjoy it. Our services include: New financial planning for the occasion without undisclosed expense Design, implementation and full management of your event including booking of the hall, design and implementation of kush and hall decorations, lighting etc. Assistance in contracting with senior artist to revive the occasion Hospitality and Presentations Photography and lighting proposals Honeymoon Special Consultancy We share ideas to reach your highest level of satisfaction and pleasure



Organizing events and parties
Al Otaibi Foundation seeks excellence in all its activities and provide all what is new and inspiring in the world of organizing events and events, so the company is keen to find a team that has the ability to innovate and lead in this field, among the staff in Al Otaibi engineers Saudi engineers specialized in this field, Interviewing the client and exchanging ideas with them to reach the “dream” design, which fulfills the client’s wishes according to its potential. In addition, Al-Otaibi has a team working at the highest level to ensure the best results. The company is in the process of bringing all the world-class events and events to the world

Company owns a group of Marketing Ltd Misyan deep expertise in various areas, including: